The whole gospel to the whole world by the whole church

100 CHURCHES by 2020

Everyone can give prayerfully

EVERY church: pray EVERY week for the vision, pastors, leaders and churches!
EVERY licensed minister: call another minister each week and pray for them over the phone!
EVERY saint: call and encourage your pastor weekly!

Everyone can give physically

EVERY pastor/church: open a new preaching point!
EVERYONE: evangelize your city weekly!
EVERYONE: prayer walk your city & target cities!

Everyone can give financially

EVERY saint: give at least €50,00 each month to your church missions offering!
EVERY pastor/church: give at least €50,00 each month to the UPC Foreign Missions Department!
EVERY pastor/church: bring an offering of €1.000,00 for the General Conference Sacrificial Missions offering!

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